Creamy Products Offer

All our ice-cream vans serve a wide range of products. Our ice-cream is freshly made, sourced from local Italian families who have been in the ice-cream trade for over 50 years. 

We pride ourselves on the range of ice-cream and sorbet flavours we offer.


Mr Whippy Flake 99

Soft ice-cream served in a cone or cup,

topped off with a Cadbury's Flake and choice of sauce.


Soft ice-cream rippled with strawberry sauce and a bublegum ball.


Wafer shells with soft, mallow dipped in chocolate flavoured coating and sprinkled with coconut.

Other Products

Walls Ice-creams

Our range includes: Magnums, Cornettos, Feast, Twister, Solero, Calippo

Lolly Ice-creams

Mr. Bubble, Cola, Lemonade, Orange, Banana, Apple Cider, Cherry, Zapp, Fab, Strawberry Split, Mr. Magic. 


We offer a premium range of sorbets - available in an almost unlimited number of flavours. 

Including: Mango, Pear, Lemon and Raspberry to name a few. (Specific flavours can be pre-ordered for a special event).

Some of the brands we offer: